November 10th 
Workshops at Teatro Duse from 9 – 20h 

November 11th 
From 9 -10h – Check in at the Theater
10.30h – start of the Competition (classical and neoclassical divisions) 
20h – Gala Night

November 12th 
From 9 – 10h – check in at the Theater
10.30h – start of the Competition (contemporary, moderna dance, now forms of dance)

The registration of all participants in the competition starts at 9.00 and ends at 10.00.

All the participants and the teachers/chaperons shall show up at the Artist Entrance of Teatro Duse, located in Via Castellaneta 7.

After the registration, the participants and the teachers/group leaders will be allowed to the dressing rooms.

We highly recommend to arrive on time.

Participants and the teachers/chaperons will be allowed to reach the stalls once the participants have performed. Please ask the theater ushers how to reach the stall from the dressing room.

Those who are not directly involved in the competition, shall buy entrance tickets. Tickets are sold online, on the Teatro Duse website, or at the theater box office.

Box office opens at 9.30???

Doors open at 10.00

The competition starts at 10.30

Entrance tickets are valid for the day of the competition. In order to leave and eventually return to the theater on the day of the competition, it is important to keep the tickets. In case of loss the entrance will be forbidden.

Ready to compete?